A. David MacKinnon – The New Normal

My pal and longtime collaborator A. David MacKinnon‘s new record came out today. I played a small role, helping to engineer the recording sessions at the now retired 6 Nassau studio in Toronto. I was lucky enough to enjoy listening to these songs as they went through the various stages toward completion, and now it’s the rest of the world’s turn to marvel at the finished product. It is a beautiful work of art, and true testament to the impeccable songwriting and lyricism that’s made Dave such a treat to listen to for the last two decades.

Regarding the record, he has this to say:

Last summer I made a record. It’s officially out today and you can stream it on Spotify, or listen & buy it on iTunes or adavidmackinnon.bandcamp.com (it should be on just about every other digital provider as well). Please go have a listen and pass it on to others if you like what you hear.
I’d started writing new songs again in the spring of 2015. It was a slow, difficult work (as writing always seems to be). I’d been thinking about how to record the songs for a while and when the time came to get it done I wanted things to be quick, easy and relatively painless. I asked Tavo Diez de Bonilla, Michael Brushey and Christopher Sandes to help me out with the playing. My good friend Tobin Stewart was in town and was kind enough to come by and man the controls while we tracked. With some minor exceptions the album was recorded live without headphones. Arrangements were worked out in the studio. Lunch was had. We left before dinner. A few months later Tyler Greenleaf added some horn parts and then Jeff McMurrich mixed the album beautifully while I walked the dog, got groceries, had the car fixed and tried not to think about it.
I owe everybody involved a huge debt of gratitude. I make records for other people all the time but making my own is frequently a really difficult thing. This one was about as easy as they come. Thank you.
A. David MacKinnon
The New Normal
Recorded at 6 Nassau, Toronto. June 15-17 2016
The New Normal recorded at home November 17 2016.
Produced and engineered by David MacKinnon
Assistant Engineer Tobin James Stewart
Mixed by Jeff McMurrich at Sonology
Mastered by Harris Newman
Tavo Diez de Bonilla – bass
Michael Brushey – drums
Tyler Greenleaf – trumpet, trombone
David MacKinnon – vocals, piano, guitar, organ, percussion, drums on Ulster St 3am, all instrument on The New Normal
Christopher Sandes – Fender Rhodes, organ, upright piano.
For Pamela

Have a listen and then buy this wonderful record. It is so damn good.